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Sundays for Adults

Christian Living Adult Class

Sunday at 9:00am
Room 106

This class is a Bible study and discussion session. Different topics and studies are chosen each year with a rotating group of leaders from the class. This class is an informative discussion related to today’s society and about living as a Christian in a modern world.

Adult Bible Study Class

Sunday at 9:00am
Room 108

A Chronological Study of the Old Testament This class will finish their study of Act and the Epistles and begin with Genesis in the Old Testament.

Weekday Gatherings

Presbyterian Women

2nd Wednesday of Each Month
Wednesday at 10:00am

This women’s circle is for all ages and everyone is welcome! Not only is it a Bible study, but it is also fellowship, service projects and participation in the overall programs of the Presbyterian Women of the Middle Tennessee Presbytery.

FPC Family Nights

Offered throughout the year

Thematic program, classes for all ages and lunch or dinner are offered throughout the year.

Seasonal Education

Advent & Lenten Studies

During Advent and Lent, specific studies are offered during Sunday School and/or an evening during the week. Advent and Lenten devotionals are also provided to the congregation for home use.

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