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Online Giving

God created us with the willingness to give—to God and to others. This design is part of our makeup; we actually have the need to be generous. When we are generous—to God and to our families, friends, neighbors, and others who are in need—our hearts are filled with joy. They are enlarged by the very act of giving. When we give generously, we become more generous.


Step 1. Click On The "Give Now!" Box Below, you will see the Online Giving form.

Step 2. Chose What Fund You Want To Give To and Enter The Amount You Want To Give 

Step 3. Enter The Frequency You Want To Give From The Pull Down List

Step 4. Enter The Start Date and Enter The Stop Date (Stop Date Is Optional)

Step 5. Click On The Continue Box - Fill In Your Personal Information And From What Account

Step 6. There will be an option box when you go to complete your donation to include the 2.75% processing fee (3.5% for American Express). If you want to include the processing fee then check this box. As an example if you are donating $100.00 and you check the box to include the processing fee, then the total from you would be $102.75.

Note: If You Select Any Frequency Other Than One Time, You Will Be Required To Set Up Your Own Online Account With Log In Name And Password. All Of Your Giving Transactions Are Stored In Your Account And Will Provide You With A Record Of Your Transactions From The Date You Start. 

Note: You may also us a smart phone or tablet to make donations. You may go to the App stores for both IOS and Android. Search for the GivePlus mobile app and download to your mobile device. Click on the App and enter zip code 37388 and find First Presbyterian Church of Tullahoma. Click on FPC and make your donation through this mobile App.

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