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Known as the Phoenix Apartments, The First Presbyterian Church of Tullahoma acquired this eight unit apartment building and a small house in November 2003. The Phoenix  Apartments and small house are located on the Church’s property at the southwest side of the parking lot on the corner of N. Washington St. and E. Lincoln St.  This acquisition provided The Church with an opportunity to expand our missions and programs on both a short- and long-range basis.

Local Housing for Those in Need

​​​​​Initially, the Phoenix Properties naturally helped expand Community Outreach as the Church provided affordable housing for lower-income citizens of Tullahoma.  As specific special-need cases were identified, the Church subsidized rent to provide even lower cost to renters, usually for a specific time period until the renter’s finances improved. 

As time went by, the Church developed a mission oriented relationship with our tenants and The Church broadened it's focus to embrace the needs of neighbors beyond the Phoenix Apartments. 


We have expanded our outreach mission to those not only in our apartments but, also within our community including people in nursing homes, shelters, the homeless and  families living in apartments and homes provided through The Tullahoma Housing Authority.


Through this mission effort we saw a need to expand our outreach to include services that may have broader appeal. Such as providing guidance on handling personal finances and independent living, by providing faith-based counselling upon request, and most importantly welcoming all to our regular worship services.

The Phoenix Apartment Board of Directors provide oversight as well as human aspects of the properties. They are tasked with meeting the mission of providing affordable housing while not putting a large financial burden on the Church.

The Board has achieved this balance while ensuring quality-of-life housing standards for our tenants. Today the demand for low-cost housing continues. If you are in need of low cost housing you may call The First Presbyterian Church office at 931 455 9328.

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