Stephen Yates


Stephen has been our Pastor at  FPC for over five years. He serves as the minister for our congregation, moderator of the session, and much more. However his two favorite jobs are preaching and teaching.

Martha Bradley

Church Secretary

Martha has been with FPC since 1980. From 1980-2006 she served as the director of Chrisitan Education. From 1980-Present she serves as the Church Secretary.

Christy Sherrer

Director of Christian Education and Youth

Christy has been with us for over 10 years. She serves as the Director of Christian Education. She coordinates Youth trips, Wednesday Youth outings, Youth related mission trips, and all aspects of Christian Education.


Director of Felinology

C.C. (Church Cat) has been living with us in the church office since 2006. He was a bedraggled, scrawny, one-eyed feline when he “found” us. Now he is a giant, happy Maine Coon mix who brings a smile to all who come in the office.

David Hiebert


Michael Bradley

Parish Associate for Pastoral Care

David has been the church organist for over 20 years and and is an exceptional organist and pianist .